Common Hair Care Mistakes

Preservation is better when there is no cure. Check out these hair care tips to prevent common mistakes while taking care of your hair.

Everyone wants to look good and your hair is one feature that draws quite a bit of attention. In a bid to give our hair the best, we sometimes do precisely the opposite- ruin it. Here are some common mistakes that you could make while trying to take care of your hair.
Less is more
A common mistake made by most using too many hair styling products at the same time. Using more products will not necessarily give you a better look. To get a natural look which looks brilliant, simply blow dry your hair and use one hair styling product which is most effective on your hair. For hair care tips to get healthy and shiny hair
The heat is on
Different types of hair can handle different amounts of heat. If your hair is thin, it should not be exposed to heat more than 1300 C and if you are privy to thick, coarse hair don’t expose it to more than 2000 C Styling your hair at temperatures over 2000 C decreases the strength of hair by up to 50%. Hair styled at this temperature loses its vibrancy. To avoid this, use high quality styling products that let you adjust the temperature to match your hair type.
You need to blow dry
Many a time people just skip the blow drying part and try to straighten their hair when it is wet because they are in a hurry.  This is an absolute no-no. Never straighten your hair while still wet- always dry it with a blow dryer or wait for it to dry naturally.
Breaking your hair
It might interest you to know that hair breakage occurs due to the simplest, most innocent of actions. Combing thick hair with a fine comb, vigorously brushing hair or even combing wet hair causes hair breakage. Use hair styling tools that are simple and effective like wide toothed combs. Maintaining a good diet rich in vitamin C, iron, protein, biotin, zinc and folic acid will prevent brittleness and breaking of hair.

The Drying Secrets Towel drying your hair may feel good but it is not really good for your hair. Towel drying roughens up the cuticle and leaves it unprotected and porous.  A better way to dry hair would be to blot dry it with a soft towel or to use a blow dryer. Combing in the right direction is important. Back combing and teasing are not kind on the cuticle which could sustain permanent damage.
Too much of a good thing
Shampooing your hair every day is completely unnecessary.  To give your hair a fresh look, simply washing it in clear water and then blow drying it will do. You will achieve better results if you rinse your hair with bottled mineral water as hard water tends to dry hair out.
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